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Ben Holt ( Sept. 24, 1955-May 5, 1990)







Thanks for visiting the Ben Holt Archive site.

This site is a repository for information related to Ben Holt, his career, the music he sang, and the people he influenced.

My name is Antonio Green. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Holt while attending Morgan State University. I was invited to a recital, held for the Lois J. Wright Memorial Concert Series. I was very impressed by the performance given of Mr. Holt. While listening to Mr. Holt sing, I couldn’t help but become emotionally involved. He was animated, and had a mesmerizing air about himself.  The melodies that he sang seemed to draw pictures of representation of what he was singing. It was as though, it really didn’t matter what language he was singing in, I could understand it.

After the concert, I had the opportunity to speak with him. His presence was one of great humility, wisdom, and humor. These were definately great charteristics to immulate. I asked Ben how he was able to create the sounds that seemingly expressed the exact tone of the words being sung. He told me that a" great musician can make people understand the music they are singing, without the listner being able to understand the language."

Ben proved to be an inspiration to me, in my singing, as well as a barometer, by which I measured other performers.

I hope you enjoy the site.